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Check Out These Three Health Benefits From LifeFlower® Breviscapine

LifeFlower® Breviscapine is an all natural botanical ingredient extracted from the plant called Erigeron breviscapus. The plant has been used for centuries by people who practice the ancient art of traditional Chinese medicine. While it has been used in many different forms over these years, it is well-understood that the primary active flavone called scutellarin affects the cerebrovascular system. Using LifeFlower® Breviscapine allows you to enjoy these life-changing benefits.

Improve Learning and Memory Retainment

LifeFlower® Breviscapine the extract of the active compounds in breviscapus, and you could say that the ingredient helps to bring your brain back to life. As the blood flow increases throughout your brain, you will notice a sense of greater clarity. The neurons in your mind that are responsible for memory retainment and learning depend upon blood flow to transport oxygens and nutrients to them. With an increased blood flow, communication between the neural synapses quickens and becomes stronger so that you can learn and recall new information easily. Once you begin to supplement with breviscapus, you may feel as though parts of your mind are finally being awakened in ways that make you want to learn everything you can about the world.

Have More Physical and Mental Energy

Your brain has a strong impact on your overall well-being. Sluggish thinking makes you feel tired and being unable to think properly places strain upon your body. When your brain is fatigued, you will also feel less energy and a lack of motivation that causes you to skip crucial parts of your health regimen, such as exercise. LifeFlower® causes your energy levels to bloom so that you can think on your feet. The increased cerebrovascular activity also gives you a higher level of mental energy that makes it easier to make smart decisions about your diet and exercise plan.

Gain a Higher Sense of Fulfillment

Life is too short to walk around feeling tired and bogged down by foggy thinking. Over time, reduced blood flow to the brain impacts your ability to enjoy success. After all, you must have the mental energy available to try things such as a new hobby or to continue working on a physical exercise goal. Once the clouds in your brain begin to lift, you will feel more capable of conquering new experiences and challenges in your life. This feeling of success allows you to feel more fulfilled, which sparks a cycle of continuing positive mental and physical energy.

At Farlong, we believe a natural way to enhance health and only supply ingredients of the highest quality. LifeFlower® Breviscapine is self-affirmed GRAS. It is a 100% natural, botanical extract and is non-GMO. It is especially helpful in age-related health condition, and also suitable for knowledge workers because the improvement of brain blood circulation and neuroprotection lead to an enhancement of focus, clarity, memory, and resistance against ischemic disorders in brain.


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